The First Wave – Emerging Electronic Musicians Of Sri Lanka: Part Three


On Shamin’s Soundcloud, there are tracks ranging from dubstep to Metric (the rock band) remixes, There’s also the nifty little “Cold Space“ which warranted a second look. It has been a worthwhile one.

“Khun-Ba” combines more culled percussive work with a Skrillex-inducing midrange bassline. “Power” is better, the track’s more grating elements countered by a glisteningly clear-sighted melody that takes charge at half time, along with a tasteful sprinkling of a vocal snippet (“power”). The aforementioned Metric remix (“Collect Call”) shows the difficultly of reworking rock music without novel ideas to back you up. But to his credit, “Malice”, which features the vocals of Mariam, tries to put a spanner on that theory.

“Cold Space” is however where he unreservedly shines, a snappy micro-funk jam that could get Secondo stuck in your head. Playful but measured, the track’s stop-stutter rhythm and miserly-placed horns point at clear promise. Coming from a rock music background, Shamin seems to have dabbled with the music biz for quite a while. He possesses range, and is most likely proficient at a few instruments, which will only bode well for his future detours in to a winter of dance music. It’s quite cold out there: He should strap them on board.

written by Roland Porter


NEWS - 30. November 2012   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Shamin

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