Treehouse – Ourhouse

Artwork by Samya Arif

Treehouse, an electronic music duo comprising Forever South’s co-founder Bilal Nasir Khan and Danish Lochner, is gearing up to release Past Athena Court very soon through the steadily evolving Karachi-based collective of beatsmiths.

Ourhouse, their first single off the album, dives into a futurist sound over a blend of quick-hitting drums and a bouncy, hook-heavy palette. It kicks in like a soporific heartbeat, with crisp hi-hats layering a deep, thumping bassline. Full of lithe, swirling atmospherics and shuffled rhythm, Ourhouse is hypnotically fractured — balancing tension with a spacey, experimental arrangement — and is easily one of the best tracks to have come out of the Forever South radar thus far.

Ourhouse can be streamed and downloaded from

For more updates regarding the release, go here.

written by Zoya Rehman
artwork by Samya

NEWS - 15. April 2013   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Forever South

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    Artwork by Samya Arif: