Today’s special: Organic dance music- The new way forward?

In the Studio w/ Sickflip (Sarvesh Srivastava)

Ok, perhaps not ‘organic’ in the true sense of the word, but this release is (out) bursting with live guitars- courtesy ‘RT’- Rohaan Talsania (not to mention super soulful), laid down tastefully all over a glitch-hop meets dubstep bed of dance music.

Although the horns (Tricky trap feat. Eskay) may not be everyone’s cup of chai, there are certain elements in here which distinctly fit into the Indian Dubstep/Electro wave. If you were digging on Dualist Inquiry at the NH7 Weekender, or can’t wait for Koan Sound to get to India, you’re going to want to listen up.

What’s the intention with which you approach your studio?
I think its bit of both – self expression and to churn out dancefloor
tunes. Although It could be the music you play in your car or on your
iPod too, not just for the floors.

Clearly lots of organic input in this EP- What was the guitar recording process?
The guitars were recorded on Ableton Suite 8. The routing of the
guitar was through the Pod X3 Live processor, into the soundcard and
then onto Ableton.

What are your views on using pre-sets while you produce: Taboo or not-such-a-big-deal?
Good Pre-sets are fine to use but in all essence, its using a pre existing form of audio which makes that very element of music, unoriginal.

Since these are dancefloor tracks- Are we going to see these being played out live?
Absolutely, in fact I’ve already played some of them out at my recent gigs.
For gigs, I use Ableton live with which I play 2 or sometimes 3 channels of audio along with the NI Maschine controller which is also put to use as a Live pattern based step sequencer, along with it functioning as a MIDI controller.
RT’s guitars are routed to the POD X3 live processor and then to my laptop via MIDI-USB. I also use the VST – Stutter Edit’ with the M-Audio Axiom 49 to glitch up RT’s guitars live.

Any local bands/artists or labels on the scene that are inspiring your sound at the moment?
I always found Nucleya‘s work really interesting.

Wishlist-collaboration for you would be?
I’d love to collaborate with Noisia!

Although the tools aren’t making the music, we asked for a sneak peek into the studio-
Here’s Sickflip’s gear chart:

The brain?
I’m using a 15″ MacBook pro.

Ableton Suite 8.

Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ

Yamaha HM50’s. No reference monitors

Best place to check the mix?
I have a bedroom studio setup. The sweet spot in there’s the best place to check the mix for me.

Any controllers or do you save those for gigs?
I use the NI Maschine as a Drum machine / step sequencer / sound bank for production as well as gigs. I also use the M-Audio Axiom 49 keyboard controller for writing melodies and synth solos.

No hardware apart from the POD X3 guitar processor.

‘Chainsaw Wreckage’ (my favourite on the EP): Which soft synths have we got in here?
Some of the soft synths you hear in ‘Chainsaw Wreckage’ were synthesized on NI Massive layered with one of Ableton Suite 8’s synths.

And the drums?
The intro drums have my commonly used kick for the bass heavy tunes I write. Whereas the snare is an outcome of some layering and collective processing of different snare and clap samples. When I sat down to write the intro drums for this one, I wanted it to be a bit different than the usual “kick on the first beat of every bar” hence the reversed kick mangling you hear in there.

Full credit for cashing in on the balance between pushing boundaries and sticking with the scene,
You can get hold of this EP off Beatport, here.

written by Sanaya Ardeshir aka Sandunes

NEWS - 28. November 2012   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Sickflip

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