Space /Ghost’s 24/7


Space/Ghost is a hipster from Dhaka who brings out vibes inspired from a distant land and time. A professional pianist who immersed himself into production very recently, he has been trained in traditional music for a number of years. And, it shows.

SG’s sounds have the ability of putting you into a happy groovy mood. This track in particular heavily borrows French styled house with some Daft Punkish vocoder flavor. On a more personal level, it also gave me parallel vibes of Daft Punk’s ‘Alive’. An attempt to play this track with Daft Punk’s new album R.A.M. made me miss the old Daft Punk.

With robotic voices made with Microsoft’s obsolete Talk It! Software, it’s clear that his passion burns through more than not having the right equipment. It was inspiring that more than gears and gadgets the urgency to create matters the most.

The track is a well thought creation in a very DIY style. It can surely go through a round of mastering but nevertheless is out there, getting plays.

“Its random, you know, so many sounds. You pick a few, join them; they harmonise, you feel good, people feel good and everyone listening connects.” – Space Ghost

24/7 will be officially made available through Dhaka based Akāliko Records. The track is free to download until then.

written by Faisal Khan

NEWS - 14. July 2013   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Space/Ghost

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