Sound Lab Mumbai: Sound Sythesis For The Masses


A little over two weeks ago in Mumbai in India, a group of musicians from India, Sri Lanka and Germany participated in a one week workshop that including a daily analogue x digital jam session.  As part of the Kala Ghoda Festival (a free arts festival that takes place in South Mumbai and attracts visitors from all over the city as well as passers-by) , the Galerie Max-Mueller was transformed into a public rehearsal space and music production studio where the audience could witness the process of track making, live spontaneous sound synthesis and collaboration in real time.

Take look at this video summary of a week worth of creative energy. As this workshop was open to the public, the workshop was in some way transformed into an installation of a human sound machine.

In a region of South Asia, which has become quite focused on the EDM-driven industry of clubbing in which events are usually fuelled by alcohol sponsors and run by large companies who are keen to sell tickets, the opportunity to see diverse, spontaneous and authentic forms of electronic music being created live and in real-time, as was the case with this SoundLab are very hard to come by.

Video produced by Sourya Sen a.k.a. Oblique and Naman Saraiya

NEWS - 02. March 2015   CITY - Mumbai

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