Sound, Art & Technology Festival Kicks Off This Week In Delhi


“The Sound, Art and Technology (S.A.T) festival is inspired from collaboration, to creativity, culture, tradition and technology.”

Kicking off later this week, it will promote innovative art practices, discussions and live performances in an effort to bring fast disappearing musical traditions such as folk music, to the contemporary performance space through its interaction with technology.

Over the course of 2 days, producers and practitioners from around the world, will discuss the impact and innovative uses of technology in music production in South Asia, with focus on topics such as:

– Creativity, culture, folk music traditions and technology
– The technology revolution in the tools of creativity
– Innovative use of technologies

Amongst the invited speakers are Luke Kenny (9XO), Sumudi Suraweera (Music Matters, Sri Lanka), Nafis Ahmed (LiveSquare Music, Bangladesh), Taru Dalmia (Word Sound Power) and artists Inder Salim (New Delhi) and Punita Singh (sound designer and researcher). The opening night will also see performances by Swiss Jazz ensemble, Orbital Garden and German folk artist, Petra Rehwald.

An initiative supported by Goethe Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan), Pro-Helvetia and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, it takes place on February 20 and 21 at the Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.

Entry is free and requires registration at the following email

A full schedule of the festival can be seen here.

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NEWS - 19. February 2013   CITY - New Delhi

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