Scratching the surface w/ Paralights: In the studio

Ever wondered how something can sound so clean but still so dirty? Paralights- Ayan De’s current project puts years of studio chops into what one could call ‘the current Indian electronica space’ (Incoming-wave-trend-alert, hashtag notwithstanding!) Meet sounds which are also songs and not just ‘tracks’- Here’s the difference:

So what’s in the tool box?

I use an Imac with a 3.1 Ghz processor, my DA converter is currently a focusrite saffire LE (firewire) and a line 6 toneport that I occasionally use to track guitars. For this project I have only worked with Logic as a DAW, because of the comfort level . I used an SM 58 for most of my vocal tracks and a blue for some of the others. On one of the tracks, I did record my room and some random slaps across furniture as samples.

What’s the most exciting bit of kit that’s gone into this release?

I used a ton of guitar gear on this release such as filters and moog pedal simulations apart from which I pretty much stuck to one guitar amp (vox) and tried awkward routings through it. I wanted to play out as many of the parts (live) while tracking it as I could, so I split my midi controller to have a piano, an EP and a bass according to octaves. I did also use some drum machine apps and synth apps on the IPad.

Your Biggest studio challenge?

Well the biggest challenge that I faced technically was with the HDD on the Macs, I faced issues with the weight of certain projects.

*Apart from this, an issue I definitely didn’t want to face was due to bad electrical wiring in the building where I reside. It managed to blow my monitors and some other studio gear. This was quite disheartening and did put a forced break on this project.

* Take note and Surge-Protect. It could happen to you!

Do you mix as you go along? Is it a creative process for you?

To me the mix process has more creativity than the actual songwriting process as I can somehow notice more opportunities to make a difference to the product than I would while writing it.

What’s in the pipes?

I will be releasing the EP first week of November. Paralights as an act and concept has a big dose of visual elements attached to it. We’re running a blog as well for pictures/videos (etc.) all related to the music in certain ways.

Open your mind and listen up, Paralights’ latest release can be downloaded here.

Written by Sanaya Ardeshir

NEWS - 19. November 2012   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Paralights

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