Sandunes Steps To Sexy Sounds


Sandunes just gave us two reasons to thank her.

First, she showed us something new. We’re not sure how we missed Alix Perez’ Annie’s Song, but that was a huge oversight on our part. The original track has the kind of ethereal quality that positions it directly between the bedroom and the dancefloor, evoking a more soulful Autre ne Veut or a more beat driven How to Dress Well. Were it not for Sandunes’ bootleg, we may never have stumbled across this gem.

The second reason for thanks, of course, is Sandunes’ re-edit of the track. With most of the vocals stripped out, Sandunes provides a little extra bounce via sparingly used delay and chopped up vocal hits dropping on the eighth notes. Those vocal snippets almost give a hint of a promethazine and ecstasy drenched DJ Sliink, firmly (though perhaps accidently) rooted as they are in the Jersey Club tradition.

There are moments, however, when the vocal stabs, used percussively as they are here, don’t feel quite precise enough for the track. The brilliance of the edit can be found in the way it captures the original while tightening it up and stripping it down. We’re quite keen on what the track is doing, but perhaps it could use just a touch of clean-up to get it to the level of transcendence that’s buried within it.

And upon reflection, the first sentence in this post was a lie. We have a third reason to thank Sandunes. Too many producers are so in love with their own sound that their edits and mixes stretch to unwarranted lengths. But brevity has its place, and Sandunes leaves us right where we should be: wanting more when the tune’s brief three minutes – shorter than the original – comes to a close.

written by Kerry Harwin

NEWS - 09. June 2013   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Sandunes

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