Sandunes Attacked by Pandas: Atmospheric Bass Ensues


Sandunes Won’t You is a fine, understated example of the kind of contemporary bass music that the jazz performer turned electronic producer often brings to the table; all open space and vocal snippets left to twist, loop, and distort throughout the track. Though not the standout track of 2013’s Ever Bridge – a distinction that belongs to either Good To You or Baby Belling – its mellow tone and looping structure present an ideal canvas for When Pandas Attack to rework the track into a tune that feels driven despite its atmospheric tone.

Structurally, When Pandas Attack does little to the original track; his value is added, rather, through subtle additions; skittering drums transform the tune into something that you might expect to hear an unorthodox emcee rhyme over; an A$AP Mob or Black Hippy crew member, perhaps. The feeling is abetted by the mellow but insistent bass line that Pandas layers underneath the tune. Vocal snippets from Memento litter the track, giving it a somewhat unworldly quality.

The highlight, however, comes at the end when Pandas brings a thick helping of Casio-style madness, his solo bringing sexy late period funk synths to the track, taking the track the farthest it gets from the crisp digital sound of the original.

Though this remix represents a solid intro to When Pandas Attack, the sound hews closer to Sandune’s original than we might hope. His true talents seem better represented by the lush trap-influenced instrumentals that have been slowly appearing on his Soundcloud page over the past several months. Chirping birds and chopped hints of pop vocals blend into almost ambient soundscapes that are definitely worth a bit of ear time.

We haven’t heard much from When Pandas Attack yet. We’re excited for what’s yet to come.

written by Kerry Harwin

NEWS - 27. February 2014   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - When Pandas Attack

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