Sound Lab Chennai 2014

Justus_K_hncke_The_Wonderful_Frequency_Band_review_1385646854JUSTUS KÖHNCKE/GER


Border Movement, Goethe Institute and IndiEarth are proud to host another SoundLab,          scheduled from the 4th – 7th December 2014, in Chennai.

All music artists are encouraged to submit their entries for a chance to take part in this collaborative SoundLab workshop on Digital Music Production and Production Skills.

Conducted by Electro mentors Justus Köhncke and Cee from Germany, the 3-day workshop will explore areas from composition and production to mixing and live performance.

SoundLab – the 3-day workshop will take place on 4th, 5th & 6th December at the the Goethe Institute/ Max-Mueller-Bhavan and at The Park Hotel, Chennai during the IndiEarth XChange 2014 event.

Selected artists participate in the workshop for free!

Collaborative compositions made during the workshop will be presented by Border Movement at the upcoming IndiEarth XChange 2014 for the independent music & film industry to witness. Tracks from the workshop may also be released online via Border Movement and IndiEarth next year.


– Write us an email at  Subject Line – SoundLab – Chennai

– Briefly introduce yourself and include links to your online profiles

– You may attach additional tracks for our review

Deadline for entry 28th November 2014.

* Selected artists to be announced on 30th November 2013.

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