BM Presents ‘Yeki bud, yeki nabud…’ by Ghazalah E. (Tehran, Iran)

Border Movement Presents: ‘Yeki bud, yeki nabud…’ by Ghazalah E. (Tehran, Iran)

Bel Etage
Ship “Heimatland”
Inselbrucke 10179 Berlin
13 Sept 2016

Iranian pianist and sound-artist Ghazaleh Ebrahimi will premiere her work ‘Yeki bud, yeti nabud…’ (One Was There And One Was Not There”) at this year’s Bel Etage.

This sentence is traditionally used in the opening of Persian tales and stories. It cautions the herders and readers that what they are about to hear or read is not necessarily true. Fleeting, dazzling and flowing as the perception of sounds.

Ghazaleh E. stay in Berlin until the end of October 2016 as part of a two-month artist residency curated by Border Movement and funded by the Goethe-Institut and Ableton.

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