BM Lounge Colombo#4


23.May 2014
Goethe Institut

This groovy space with its brand new Funktion-One (Official) sound system, laid-back atmosphere and colourful take on the decor of the Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka, opens its doors to the public every three months. With a small and careful selection of artists showcasing their work each night, the lounge hopes to foster a more open and interactive culture of electronic music performance, as well as more well-rounded appreciation from the local music community.

Featuring DJ sets by:
Asvajit & Geve (Jambutek Recordings / Bang Bang)
Menimal (The Underground Movement / Maldives)

The Bordermovement Lounge will be followed by the Midnight Monkey after-party at the B52 nightclub of the Grand Oriental Hotel. A neglected, but iconic and well designed club space in the heart of the city. The after-party brought to life by Jambutek and Bang Bang. Tickets sold separately.

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