BM Lounge Colombo#3


Friday 14.March 2014, Goethe Institut Colombo, Sri Lanka

Bordermovement Lounge; a platform for both established and upcoming artists alike, as well as people who simply want to discover the sounds of freshest acts on the local scene. This groovy space with its quality sound system, laidback atmosphere and colourful take on the decor of the Institut’s courtyard, will open its doors to the public. With a small and careful selection of artists showcasing their work each night, the lounge hopes to foster a more open and interactive culture of electronic music performance, as well as more well-rounded appreciation from the local music community.

Despite the rise in popularity of electronic music in Sri Lanka, composition and live performance of original work have thus far taken a back seat to all-night, high-octane DJ sets. To promote the development of local talent in this integral aspect of electronic music, the next edition of the Bordermovement Lounge will shift it’s focus away from traditional DJ sets and feature live performances of original material by local producers and electronic musicians.
Featuring live performances of original compositions by:

Asvajit |
Tomcat & Magnum |
Daffy Maestro |
Flippy & Curio |
TypeB |
Phonosemantics |

Daffy Maestro |
Daffy Maestro, or Stro as they call him, is a bit of an enigma: Seemingly more prolific than his Sri Lankan counterparts, there is free flow to his music, an almost analog warmth that overawes the tinny 1-0-1-0 of the digital revolution. He has range too, from lo-fi noodling and ambient to (what our ancestors used to call) trip-hop. In an ideal world, Stro should be headlining artsy evenings at Colombo’s Barefoot (or at least playing the Side Room). But he seems a bit removed from the scene, instead quietly and independently making music since the last decade. Kandy, the country’s multi-layered hill capital where he hails from, seems to influence his similarly layered music.

TypeB |
From the chaotic paradise of Sri Lanka to the concrete jungle of Singapore, from mysterious house parties to burnin’ nightspots across cities — decks have been helmed at Home Club, The Supperclub, The Ministry of Sound, Attica, The Butter Factory, La Maison (Mimolette), BluJaz Cafe, Singapore Street Festival, Oh.My.Goat, Amuseum and Silk, to name a few. While being a cornerstone of the synQ Music Collective, a Pioneer Digital DJ Battle semi-finalist (Singapore, 2009 and 2012) and a TNL Onstage Spin-off Finalist (2013), varied beats and a love for energy has always been key. Be it a belief in a melodic nirvana, unbound by time, space and genre.
Phonosemantics |
Harshan Galagage, Sarani & Uvindu Perera, Randev Seneviratne and Sunara form a group of musicians exploring the boundary between instrumental and electronic music with their original compositions.



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