BM Lounge Colombo#5


Sat.24.Jan 2015
Goethe Institut Sri Lanka, 62/4 Chattam Street, Colombo

For it’s fifth edition, BorderMovement is taking over Colombo One; a newly opened club space in the heart of Colombo’s Fort District. With our heavy duty Funktion-One (Official) sound system and diverse roster of artists, this “extra” installment of the series is set to deliver another dose of quality music direct to the ears of Colombo’s eager electronic music community.

Jake The Rapper [Berlin, BAR25 LABEL]
Perera Elsewhere [Berlin, FoF Music]
Asvajit [Colombo, Jambutek Recordings]
Geve [Colombo, Jambutek Recordings]
Sunara:-) [Colombo, Bang Bang]

SA. 24.01.2014 /// 21:00 – 05:00
Tickets: Rs.1500 (Available at the Gate)

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