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After a powerful exhibition at Max Mueller Bhavan in New Delhi earlier this year, photography quarterly PIX is back with another call for submissions. The PIX team has chosen yet another expansive but relevant theme for the forthcoming special issue on Pakistan: ‘Surge – Deluge, Growth, Outbreak, Rupturewill aim to explore within the realms of photographic arts the changing paradigms and structures of a country that is undergoing a tumultuous process of transformation.

The call for submission is open to photographers of any nationality and isn’t limited to professionals; amateurs and enthusiasts can also apply. The work itself must be related to Pakistan as a geographical location.

Surge’ is a wide ranging theme and can be interpreted in any manner the photographer wants as long as there is a reasonable framework to support it. Once published, the quarterly will be circulated in India and select outposts in South Asia where the Goethe-Institut has a base.

It gives a chance to investigate Pakistan’s socio-political structures through personal expression and art. By combining Pakistan’s history with its current reality, photographers can use their medium to study prevailing systems as well as explore shifting gazes in its current social landscape. These may be explored through portraiture, landscapes, advertising, fashion, street photography, photo journalism and conceptual forms to name a few.

Above all, platforms like this can change a society’s gaze and provide the opportunity to break existing stereotypes. PIX also calls on photographers to study and unhinge existing visual tropes in the country, aiming to rebuild Pakistan’s current visual landscape that is often created by images in the public domain and popular culture. Personal space and gender are among the themes that can be touched upon.


The power of art is undeniable and photography even more so because of its tendency to merge reality and fiction. PIX’s last issue was also a celebration of its 10th anniversary; the theme was ‘Habitat – Nature, Character, Territory and Belonging’ and the product of this huge collaborative effort was a poignant and commanding publication which explored its theme through various photographic practices that ranged from reportage to the avant garde. The artists converged from countries all over the world and despite this the issue was cohesive and flowed seamlessly. You can read more about PIX’s last issue here.

Those interested in submitting their work need to apply quickly – the deadline is August 5th 2014 and it’s creeping in. A minimum of 12 and maximum of 25 photographs may be submitted in the form of a coherent body of work, along with a short introduction of a few lines (50 – 100 words) in which the photographer introduces himself/herself. All the details are mentioned on PIX’s website. The PIX team is Rahaab Allana, Nandita Jaishankar, Tanvi Mishra and Kaushik Ramaswamy.

written by Diya Gupta

NEWS - 07. July 2014   CITY - Karachi

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