Photo Diary: Sine Valley Festival 2017

1. Collab Week: Sine Valley ladies – Natasha Noorani, Marta Del Grandi and Flekke (Photo: Rishi Jha)

2. Collab Week: Battery powered roof jams with the word warriors and Fatema Shah during a power cut. (Photo: Rishi Jha)


3. Collab Week: We had some next-gen visitors with us during collab week. Little Arniko messes about with a vocal processor during one of the jams. (Photo: Rishi Jha)


4. Day 1: The bar bumps as Ranzen closes the opening night at Basecamp. (Photo: genius_loci)


5. Day 2: The People of Electronicity’s live improv jam during the Farmer’s Market at Le Sherpa. (Photo: Rishi Jha)


6. Masterclass: Aditya Nandwana aka Sawhorse explains sound synthesis during a masterclass. (Photo: Rishi Jha)


7. Day 8: Natasha Noorani opens the main event at Moksh. (Photo: Michelle Lama)


8. Day 8: A moment from Alien Panda Jury‘s live set at the outdoor stage. (Photo: Michelle Lama)


9. Day 8: Foeseal opens up the indoor stage after sunset during the main event. (Photo: Michelle Lama)


10. Day 8: The Author with a crazy live set that got the room warmed up. (Photo: Michelle Lama)


11. Day 8: She’s Drunk had everyone on their feet dancing as Voltaic swings along with a poi dance on stage. (Photo: Michelle Lama)


12. Day 10: Flekke and Marta Del Grandi’s on the spot lyrical content had a charm of its own. (Photo: Rishi Jha)


13. Day 10: The People of Electronicity’s festival-closing improv jam at the Yellow House Farmer’s Market. (Photo: Rishi Jha)

NEWS - 07. December 2017   ARTIST - Alien Panda Jury

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