Paralights: Electro. Acoustic. Whatever


It is becoming increasingly unclear whether “electronic music” is a meaningful category. Mainstream contemporary hip-hop is mostly made on computers, ED-Pop has gone mainstream, and even rock music, the last bastion of the mighty guitar, increasingly incorporates computer sounds into its sonic palette.

It was always, perhaps, a bit foolish to classify music by the presence or absence of circuitry in the production process. And as electronics make up an ever larger percentage of musical gear, the specificity of the phrase “electronic music” continues to erode.

Bombay based Paralights is representative of a world in which such distinctions are irrelevant. His recently released Chaos Control combines synthesized sub-bass with heavily filtered guitars and… well, and many other things that we can’t quite identify. When recordings of sampled live instruments mix with processed guitars, the sounds merge in a liminal space where the electro-acoustic division ceases to matter.

The track, simultaneously beat driven and languid with no contradiction between the two, most closely resembles Dusty Kid’s 2009 release America, with hints of an early Lindstrøm, minus the dance floor pretensions. But we also hear just a touch of latter day dream pop icons Panda Bear and Beach House.

Resolving into something more mellow as the track comes to a close, the dubby bass and the skittering glitch percussion melts away into bending guitars over a synthy wash. Just the kind of sound that we’d like to wrap ourselves in while looking out the window on a rainy day.

written by Kerry Harwin

NEWS - 23. May 2013   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Paralights

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