OH.MY.GOAT! by BANGBANG, Friday 21 December in Colombo

Sri Lanka throws good parties.

Ask anyone who knows anyone in the island, and they will likely tell you the exact opposite — the parties are not always what you’d call good, with the expectations often mismanaged, the ‘ratios’ off the scales, the music not properly EQ’d, the door policies bigoted, and somewhere in the crowd, a sinister minister is busy shooting at the sky. Disappointed? Don’t be. As the friendly folk at Lonely Planet will remind you, that’s only half the story.

The good parties in Sri Lanka, scattered as they may be, exist within their own intimate space. They are the sort of events that move beyond modern clichés about the tropics, and nestle into that certain delicate realm… where reality bends and the border between the sea and sand turns into haze. Then halfway in to the night, your heart becomes a rabaana and your arms suddenly the trunk of an elephant, the music grows out of a naa tree until everything has merged in to a strange, blissful flux. What the country offers is far from perfect, but it’s this mix of lazy imperfection and enigmatic warmth that has earned it that elusive x-factor.

And yet, events that promote good music are scarce. In their colorful attempt to rewrite the books, Bang Bang’s ‘Oh.My.Goat!’, the critically-acclaimed series of parties which has already garnered a cult following in the country, will return to Colombo this Friday (21 December). The event will be backed by Border Movement and BLOT!, the Delhi duo of Gaurav Malaker and Avinash Kumar who have performed at Berlin’s Tresor and Bar 25, and were a blazing highlight at the recent Pettah Interchange. They will be partnered by an island pioneer in DJ Shiyam and a pace-setter in Asvajit, fresh off his maiden foray unto the fabled walls of Hardwax. Joining them will be Bang Bang residents Geve, Sunara and Twigs. DJs Tareeq, Type B, Rudiculous and Daham will complete the diverse and eclectic line-up, whose music span the spectrum from Deep House to Glitch Hop.

Oh.My.Goat! will be held at the Open Air Theater of Viharamahadevi Park, an infamous space at heart of the city frequented by carefree young ones and melancholic lovers. BLOT is short for Basic Love of Things, and their basic love of ‘funk-influenced techno’ and three gigantic screens of video content will complement the vivid ethos of Bang Bang, who pride themselves in presenting something more than just the music. The interactive aspect of the event will include custom décor, a mini-flee market and an Art Wall open to public for painting. The message is not a subtle one, and true to form, it doesn’t pretend to be: The loud, eye-ball popping flyer for the event has no intention of understating its charms. The standards set by the parameters above, as well as by the organizers’ own admission, are high. And it will be interesting to find out how it all unfolds.

Watch this space for the verdict. Or choose more wisely: Be there.

Written by Tarifa Banks

NEWS - 18. December 2012   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Asvajit

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