‘Live-electronica’ ? breaking down the concept w/ ViceVersa

With so many DJs switching over to ‘live-electronica artists’ once they’ve hit the producers chair, the question of what you’re actually listening to, can get a bit muddy- Original productions or simply dropping someone else’s tunes? Both could seem suspiciously similar, and are hence conveniently clubbed into the same category. The term, ‘Live-electronica’ however, draws plenty of intrigue from a rich mix of listeners as to what the hell is going on behind that laptop.

Manas Ullas and P-Man (aka Rohit Pereira) from ViceVersa break it down for us:

You guys seem to be doing as much behind the console as you are on the rest of stage: what’s the most ‘live’ aspect of this project?

Manas: ViceVersa has always been about playing live to showcase our brand of original music, which happens to be in the genre of electronica. With the addition of a drummer, MC/Hyping, mixing and addition of some live instrumentations, the songs are energized enough to get the crowd going. Not everyone might like our kind of music, but everyone must have a blast at our shows, and that’s the most important aspect of this going live, to get people into the music that’s produced.

In that respect, can you lay some light on the work-flow for your live sets? ( The routing, Is there a set list, do you stick to it? Etc.)

Manas: I use a Nano Kontroller and Nano Pad as my controller for Ableton Live, that’s the software I use to play live and sequence sets. That is connected to a mixer as a channel, the same channel that goes to the drummer headphones as well. The iPad sometimes is connected to another channel for additional sounds during or in-between songs. And all of this goes through a traktor sound card before hitting the mixer. Yes, there is a set list, but at times on stage it depends on P-Man’s mood.

P-Man: For the ViceVersa tracks, I have vocal parts for most of them, and I MC/Hype over the others. For DJ sets I do the Hyping. We normally start our set mellow, you know, build up the tempo and then pick up the intensity, from there on, it is a party!

Is everything we hear- original music? Who’s the production whizz on the team?

Manas: In a live set, which lasts around 45 – 50 mins, it’s all original music. If and when we play longer, there is a dj set added of other tracks we like listening to and would like to push those kinds of sounds.

P-Man: We are in the process still of writing many more tunes and would soon be having a set with just our brand of music. We both write the music. Manas is the production whizz of the team, and for further fine tuning we take it to Ayan De. I do most of the lyrics on the songs and so we have couple of tracks with lyrics written by Sidd Coutto. No lyrical themes as such, though some songs are pretty dark and intense lyrically.

writen by Sanaya Ardeshir

NEWS - 20. December 2012   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Vice Versa

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