Listen To Alien Panda Jury’s Live Set In Munich At Favorit Bar


BMR Berlin artist Alien Panda Jury recently played a live set in Munich at Favorit Bar, a small and intimate venue known for its dedicated crowd who seek out experimental music. Below you can listen to a live excerpt from his show which which features some new unreleased tracks and improvisations by the artist which will appear on his upcoming EP ‘Enneagram’ – note that this is a temporary upload and will only be available for a month.

Alien Panda Jury has been in Berlin for two months as part of the BMR Residency program, we asked him about his time so far:

“one of the biggest lessons learned is to just do what you do however you do it (musically speaking) without overthinking about how it’s structured or presented to an audience. I feel the fact that I’ve uploaded this excerpt with very obvious mistakes and glitches is an example of a valuable lesson learned here.”

Image credit: Uzair Raza

NEWS - 11. July 2017  

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