For those who’ve been partying by the sunny shores in Colombo, Asvajit is a name that is more of a frequented buzzword. His credentials hold up to pioneering electronic music production in the sun-kissed island and representing the sub-continent at various festivals in Europe. Most notably, Fusion Festival in Berlin, through the support of Border Movement.

In 2010 Asvajit released his first EP, Hard Boiled. This was the first time local audiences got to enjoy home-grown electronic music . The release acted as a catalyst, changing the way people would adapt to dance music in Colombo.

Pillow Talk is an EP with a fresh twist beyond imagination straddling a broad spectrum of genres – not forgetting the his trademark take on dub and funk. Inspired by jambu, a fruit native to the tropics – Pillow Talk is full of fresh and ‘zesty’ sounds; a release effortlessly fusing funk, dub, hip-hop and techno.

Listen in full below and enjoy:

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NEWS - 30. April 2014   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Asvajit

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