IndieEarth Xchange: Global Music & Film Conference

IndiEarth XChange is a global music and film conference taking place in Chennai between 30 November and 2 December that aims to bring together key figures from the independent film and music industry.

The event promises 3 days of music, film screenings, networking, discussions and workshops in a think-tank exchange with delegates from India and 11 other countries. The conference is open to registered artists and press with emphasis on exploring ways to create realistic global networks that will support and develop the independent music and film industries. To register head here.

An EarthSync initiative, IndiEarth is an online platform that connects independent Indian artists with international media. The IndiEarth XChange takes this to the next level – creating a real space for people from independent creative scenes in India to meet and make meaningful connections with each other as well as delegates from around the world.

Over 23 Indian and International artists will be performing as part of IndiEarth XChange. All performances are open to the public with highlights including a tribal act from Papua-New Guinea, Australia and Fiji called Sing Sing; Business Class Refugees – an Indo-Israeli collaborative project; Bangalore trip-hop duo Sulk Station; and Delhi’s Peter Cat Recording Co.

More information about the music and conference can be found on the official website here.

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NEWS - 25. November 2012   CITY - Chennai

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