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Sarvesh Sickflip Shrivastava tells us a little about what went into his latest release- a two track EP titled ‘Bipolar’. Both tracks are armed with massive bottom-heavy turnarounds to contradict simmering melodic buildups, making them unpredictable indeed– Dancefloors,beware!

1. What was different with your approach compared to your last EP?

Well, when I was writing these tunes for the EP I found myself emphasizing on creating an auditory contrast, in a way that it created a major concussion between some Big room / melodic / happy sounding elements vs the Heavy / electrifying / face melting bass sequences.

Apart from this, I stuck on to the 90-95BPM bracket to achieve a definite groove in the tracks.

2. What kind of setup did you use to produce these tracks?

I used my MacBook Pro, the Audio 8 DJ Sound Card, the M-Audio Mini Keystation and the Axiom 49, and the Native Instruments Maschine along with NI Massive, Izotope Ozone, and a couple of other Ableton Suite 8 MIDI instruments, if I’m not missing out on anything.

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3. Your biggest challenge in wrapping this up?

I was in the middle of shifting my studio space into another one, which took quite a while. For me, it was a challenge to cling on to that very headspace I was in when I started working on these two tracks until my studio was up and running.

4. And the biggest achievement within your process?

I guess the biggest achievement would’ve been to get the basslines to sound really close to what I thought it would sound like, in my head.

5. Latest and most time saving trick in the studio?

Lose that internet connection in your studio and see how much more productive your studio hours are. (worked for me)

Check Gig deetsĀ here.

Listen and download BIPOLAR EP here:

written by Sanaya Ardeshir

NEWS - 12. August 2013   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Sickflip

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