Flash Flood

In an electronic scene whitewashed with mainstream antics, it’s hard to separate the ‘counter culture’ from the proverbial black and white. Which is precisely why the Flux Initiative hopes to flood our streets with the good word… ” flood them with colour”.

Varun Patra, a 21-year old newfound DJ from Mumbai, understands that his title won’t be much to brag about anytime soon. It’s 2012 and there’s a DJ around every corner of the city, all of which are ‘pioneers’ in their own right.

“Even if you try to shift your sets around and put new genres on the table, people are always quick to classify your style into some broad category” he broods. “Which is why we try to stay one step ahead.”That’s when Varun sought camaraderie – spinning with close friend Paloma Monnappa – the twowould adopt the moniker ‘AlgoRhythm’ and throw down their favourite indie/nu-disco tunes at a reserved nightspot in Mumbai, Cool Chef Café.

But the point wasn’t being driven hard enough and  the duo suffered from inadequate promotion. “At one of the Cool Chef nights, I spoke to (close friend and owner of alternative booking agency, Krunk) Sohail Arora about building up from the AlgoRhythm format” Varun recollects. “We discussed the prospects of collaborating on something truly unconventional and new, dabbling in genres like nu-disco, ghetto funk, electro-swing, glitch and chillwave.”

The project took off with an opening night in Bandra, Mumbai , and how. If it wasn’t the sheer showmanship of the trio that roused the rabble, it was their careful attention to detail and how they made sure their audience took home something new at every turn. The night also adopted a visual setup that mashed together pop culture references with nationwide issues and protest. The result was a first-in-its-kind tangible nightlife experience and FLUX was already becoming a strong contender for the third most widely used three-letter word in the suburbs

The launch of the FLUX nights also coincided with a blog of the same name, which served as both, an adequate promotional tool as well as a sustainable platform for like mined purveyors to get involved. “I am a fan of the digital life but love the young, empowered revolution behind it even more” Varun comments.

“The FLUX blog was created because we felt a night could never match the reach of the World Wide Web – so we created a platform where people can discover fresh music from across the world, anytime, over the web.” “This September, we will be inviting guest artists to perform at our Flux nights, and our blog will be focusing more on Indian musicians who don’t get a platform to spread their music to people in our country and abroad.”

Stay informed, get involved. Follow the Flux blog here – fluxmusic.tumblr.com.

written by Jash Reen/ Mumbai

NEWS - 27. July 2012   CITY - Mumbai

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