Event: Colombo Sunday 9 December / Sub_Sequence / AV Showcase

The BorderMovement AV-lab is an experimental eight-day artist residency that assembles an experienced group of visual technologists from India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka, to develop new ideas, exchange knowledge, and realize immersive experiences. The results of the AV Lab will be presented at Sub_Sequence 2018 in collaboration with musicians, artists and technologists from Sri Lanka.

Featuring interactive audiovisual installations, musical performances and mixed-media art, Sub_Sequence will transform the grimy cinema halls, corridors, swimming pool and derelict rooms of the partially-abandoned Rio Cinema Colombo into a melting pot of interdisciplinary artistic collaborations waiting to be explored and experienced.

Register Here: www.tiny.cc/subsequence

AV Lab Team
VJ Zombie (India)
• Rahema Zaheer (Pakistan)
Studio Moebius (India)
Lalindra Amarasekara (Sri Lanka)
Nigel Perera(Sri Lanka)
• Sanjaya Gunawardana (Sri Lanka)

Sound art, musical performances and audio content:
Nigel Perera
• Kinesthetics 0200
Isuru Kumarasinghe

Additional animation, illustration and visual content:
Firi Rahman
Kavan Balasuriya
Muvindu Binoy
• Narni Studio

Also featuring spontaneous bodily interventions by the dancers, performance artists and theatre practitioners from the Choreography Camp Kalpittiya 2018.

In association with Jambutek Recordings & Cyber Illusions

Invites can be collected in advance from the Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka or at the gate on the evening of the show.

Register Here: www.tiny.cc/subsequence

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