End-Of-The-Year-List: Bangladeshi artists to watch out for in 2013

Last year would be bookmarked in the history of the electronic music in Bangladesh and particularly Dhaka as the scene integrated to create a platform together. From the novice first time bed-room producers to DJs with years of experience and everyone in the middle got together for the single cause, to make themselves heard locally and internationally.

Dhaka Electronica Scene’s compilation EXPLORATIONS has been remarked as an eye opener for the local music industry about the amount of talent that is spread out over the city and about what’s possible.

Folks, for the very first time it is our pleasure to present these fine emerging artists with you. They deserve to heard and acknowledged for the love of music itself. Contrasted with the Indian scene the music here is not only alternative to commercial music but to everything that there is in Dhaka’s indie scenes. I have no other options but to be optimistic about what the future holds for us.

Another thing which is interesting in Dhaka producers is the isolation over the years has actually led the producers to adopt varying styles in production techniques which has resulted in distinctive styles. It may not be a good thing contrasted with how global scene is evolving but surely is a treat for the ears from one single city with an infant scene.

Ranked, just because it had to be ranked:

10. Fahad Zaman

Fahad’s sounds are unique in its own way. It seems he is very influenced by the new wave of electronic sounds being experimental with his glitch-ish hiphop-ish sounds. His single ‘Mongrel’ is awesome enough for him to be on this list. The quirkiness and the entertaining quality of the track have to be experienced. We can expect him to hit high with an EP in 2013.
His single ‘Mongrel’ was featured in the DES Explorations and was very well received. This is surely a classic material.

9. Big Machete

Big Machete speaks his own mind and that also boldly. His productions are not for everyone and retain a strong aura that distinguishes him from all the other producers in Dhaka. His dark ambient IDM can result into mood swings, hypertension and an un-rivaled calmness at the same time. Ok, I am exaggerating but this music is way different than what you will find at your nearest music stores.
He released two EPs in 2012 and both of them are available for free download on Bandcamp.
If you need a break from Black Metal sessions and still want to retain the dark essence, try this.

8. Navid Kaiser

In just one year Navid has been able to grasp the essence of electronic music through his productions. He justifies that all it takes are efforts and everything is possible. He is arguably with the minimum of experience yet his tracks do not justify that statement. He fuses enough energy into his tracks to keep the dance floor alive. While he is experimenting with quite a few genres in the coming years we might see him settle down with his favorite style.

7. Sound of Farzan

He is the man who has been tirelessly working to spread the sound of trance through his weekly online radio show at Radio Aha. Having 49 podcasts of trance music only proves his dedication. His sets consists Progressive, Uplifting, Melodic and Vocal tracks and would amuse any EDM lover.
In 2013 he is planning his 50th podcast celebration with an event of pure trance bliss. Moreover he is preparing towards his own productions to compliment his sets and become an all rounder.

6. Drumlinezz

A day started with one of Drumlinezz’s amazingly soothing drum and bass track has to be a positive one and is worth repeating every day till you finish listening most if not all of his tracks. The cool factor of all Drumlinezz track is its intricate compositions of complex sounds made really simple to absorb with catchy bass lines and intelligently derived samples.
For DnB lovers it’s a complete treat. It gets jazzy, it gets moody. What else can you ask for?

5. Koshai

Re-inventing synth pop is a hobby for Koshai (Bengali for Butcher!). While his alias does not do justice to his melodic productions he has been around for some time. His tracks would remind you of the early days re-visited in style. Giorgio Moroder would feel melancholic on his vibes. He had his track signed with UK based Celt Islam’s label.
Check his bass induced synth-pop track ‘Serene’. This is some unique stuff.


Based in New York, MIRO is ready to join the Global EDM league with his uplifting trance sets. He has been in the circuit for almost five years now and every year he gets better and better.
While his future is already looking bright as he is shouldering with some big names in the NY circuit playing at Club Rise, The Middle East Club alongside DJ Micro and Andy Moor and setting a big example for fresh and upcoming DJs from Dhaka to take inspiration from. His productions are clean and smooth and you will probably be buying them soon enough on Beatport!
Keep an eye on him as he is going to put up a lot fresh new music in 2013.

3. Cadenced Haven

CH means some serious business. The only she in the list stands strong with her lo-fi soothing new age ambient sounds ready to mesmerize. Her music has been well received in Europe and is currently signed by a Dutch label. CH is essential to anyone who is into Café del Mar kind vibes with some Enigma-tic essence.
Her 2012 release ‘Mystic Dawn’ is co-produced with Dutch producer Gert Emmens and is available for purchases. While clearly targeting the niche audiophiles ‘Mystic Dawn’ is a album worth picking up.

 2. Dream3r

Dream3r is the youngest and one of the most promising lads in the Dhaka scene. Still in his teens his music is empowering. He takes the trouble to experiment with sounds with absolutely incredible results. His remixing skills are top-notch and his production techniques complicated. He is here to stay for a long time indeed. Armed with complextro, techno and dnb knowledge he already has a head start. He will remind you of Deadmau5 at times but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I would love to see him remix a Bengali classic. I am already annoyed with the cheap remixes that are flooded all over.
Dream3r is one of the finest examples of Dhaka’s new sound frontier. Savor this track named ‘The 7th Sense’ with extreme dance-floor sensibilities.

1. RiZZi

There is a reason he is at Number 1 even though ranking is not the main concern here. His two-track EP ‘Aurora’ stands out in terms of production quality and harmony. While many Dhaka producers are struggling to achieve the fine balance, he has already reached an unprecedented level of excellence. I don’t care about how his other tracks sound like, but these two are gems.
The Stellar Lounge version would make you feel like a gentle boat-ride, not bad for a river dominated Bangladesh. The original mix is also super polished with much gusto, pulsating.
His synths are epic and so far he stands out in terms of the richness in melody be it his usual trance or the chill-out ones along with Koshai.

written by Khan Mohammad Faisal

NEWS - 08. January 2013  

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