In Profile: New Kids On The Block Abdullah & Hatim

So how’d your exams go?” and “wait, how old are you?” aren’t usually the lead questions in interviews with upcoming musicians but then the case of Abdullah Siddiqui and Hatim Siddique is a novel one.


NEWS - 09. May 2018   CITY - Lahore ARTIST - Abdullah Siddiqui

Announcing The Winners Of BMR: Berlin 2018…

Since the program launched in 2015, Border Movement Residency has worked with over 10 artists creating residency experiences that are customised around the individual needs of artists. The aim of the program has always been to create meaningful and relevant creative exchanges between musicians in South Asia and Germany.


NEWS - 16. April 2018   CITY - Berlin Project - Border Movement Residency

Boxout In Transit: Pakistan Edition may have launched under a year ago, but it feels like India’s first-ever independent
online community radio station has been around for much longer. Through various initiatives
(boxoutwednesdays, boxoutsessions, outside of the radio station, they’re
challenging the idea of what they truly are and can be; this could not be truer with their boundary-pushing initiative ‘Boxout in Transit’.


NEWS - 28. February 2018   CITY - Karachi

Call For Applications: Border Movement Residency Berlin 2018

Image credit: Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey

Applications for Border Movement Residency (BMR) Berlin 2018 – a unique 2 month tailor made program for musicians from South Asia are now open.


NEWS - 01. February 2018   Project - Border Movement Residency

Independent Record Labels In South Asia

Image courtesy: Consolidate

Independent record labels and DIY culture have made it possible for many artists across the globe to get their music to a wide section of listeners. While it may not necessarily be a profit making venture at first, there is something hugely rewarding and futuristic about the ability to nurture fresh talent without jeopordising creative freedom; a huge contrast to the former model where big record labels called the shots. There are a number of small and active record labels all over South Asia who are supporting artists and consistently releasing good music. We compiled a list of labels based in South Asia that reflect the beauty of a DIY approach.


NEWS - 04. December 2017  

In Profile: 5 Women Who Are Shaking Up The Pakistani Music Industry

butterfly5aImage credit: Butterflies are Cockroaches with Wings

Ramsha Shakeel. Raania Durrani. Rahema Khan. Natasha Noorani. Natasha Ejaz.

To the uninitiated these are but names, native to the subcontinent, female surely but otherwise unremarkable as names can go, standard appellations for your average Pakistani woman. Of course while their titles may seem average (with all due respect), their occupations most certainly aren’t.


NEWS - 27. March 2017  

Igniting Brown Pride: Why the New Swet Shop Boys LP ‘Cashmere’ is the Most Important Hip-Hop Album of the Year


In the beginning, there was Bend It Like Beckham. Gurinder Chadha’s 2002 sleeper hit was, and still remains, one of the essential contributions to urban brown culture. In Jess, the lead character portrayed by Punjabi-British actress Parminder Nagra, I felt like I’d found an accurate portrayal of my South Asian life. Granted, it felt a bit weird – me being a middle-class Punjabi chubby 10-year old boy from Delhi finding solace in the struggles of a Hounslow-based girl who, like me, liked David Beckham, and who, like me, wanted something different from the mundane, stereotypical brown life so many of my peers seemed condemned to. Bend It Like Beckham was also my first introduction to racism – in a pivotal scene, a white girl calls Jess ‘Paki’ – a derogatory racial slur commonly used against people of South Asian origin in Britain.


NEWS - 20. October 2016   ARTIST - Swet Shop Boys

Noahs Heark: How did I get in? I have no idea…


Tales of origin are always the stuff of legend. They are the all-important beginning, the moments of creation, when someone or something seminal appeared. Fact often gets muddled with fiction, feats appear greater with time but the crux of the story, always remain the same – this is when something important happened, this is when we started counting.


NEWS - 02. March 2016   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Noah’s Heark

Globally Magnetic


In its third year, Magnetic Fields Festival takes the leap from local player to international powerhouse.

When I first came to Alsisar Mahal, the site of Magnetic Fields Festival, there was no tent village. There were no brightly coloured festival freaks in all manners of fantastical attire. There was just a lovely palace in a small town about half of the way down the road from Delhi to Bikaner.


NEWS - 24. February 2016   Project - Magnetic Fields 2015

FXS: Tracing The Evolution of Pakistan’s Electronica Collective

FXS promotion on the streets of Karachi

As disembodied sounds start coming through the speakers, the start of my interview with founders of Pakistani electronica collective Forever South, was about matching the voices to the reputations.

Did the reedy voice belong to the loquacious Haamid Rahim, aka Dynoman, conductor of this orchestra, waving his baton to directions south?

Was the decidedly dudish voice that of sound engineer and musician Bilal Nasir Khan, aka Rudoh?


NEWS - 19. October 2015   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Forever South

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