Mixtape 003: Mother Perera

Dungeon skank, 8-clit cerebral bass and aquatic dolphin techno?

Music junkie and Jahcoozi front-woman Sasha Perera┬ámade a mix for Border Movement which she describes in her own words as ‘all over ze place’.
Syncopation, rich sound textures and basslines make up a dynamic mix that’s made for dreaming and dancing …

Upcoming Dates:

21.11.2012 India Music Week / Bonobo / Mumbai / India ( Mother Perera DJ)
24.11.2012 La Graviere / Geneva / Switzerland (Jahcoozi LIVE)
08.12.2012 Bialystok Film Festival / Bialystok / Poland (Jahcoozi LIVE)


NEWS - 21. November 2012   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - Jahcoozi

Mixtape 002: The Monitor Lizards

Live Jam by Raumagent Alpha, Jackmate, Andi & Hannes Teichmann
remixed on the fly by Asvajit on an A&H DB4 Mixer
@ the SoundCamp Analog House, Ruskin Island, Sri Lanka, August 2012.


NEWS - 04. September 2012   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - The Monitor Lizards Project - Sound Camp 2012 South Asia