National Animal’s Deep, Dark Delhi Limbo

Image credit: Arka Alam

One day in 2017, after working on his music for 12 hours straight without a break, (“not long after quitting his job”) Somdev Thakur came to a realisation. “Maybe this is something I should be doing,” he says. “I don’t seem to be bored, I’m not complaining about the long hours. It makes me happy.” And thus was born National Animal, under which name Thakur released his debut self-titled album earlier this month.


NEWS - 27. December 2018  

Theresa’s Sound World: A Glimpse Into The Golden Diskó Ship

Image: Golden Diskó Ship by Sara Perovic

It’s an odd kind of dichotomy that drives Theresa Stroetges. She’s hyper-prolific, juggling multiple musical and creative identities, constantly writing and creating. “I feel almost like, the more I do, the more inspired I am. The less time I have, the more productive I become. It’s strange,”


NEWS - 06. December 2018   CITY - Kolkata ARTIST - Golden Diskó Ship Project - Border Movement Residency

A New Perspective For Plastic Parvati: Goethe Talent Program 2018

A cooperation between the Goethe-Institut and Pop-Kultur festival, the Goethe Talent Scholarship (now going into its 4th year), is an immersive 10-day programme where 10 music makers from around the world get to experience Berlinʼs rich and diverse music scene; learn and unlearn musical processes and in general gain new perspective on their craft. I have heard only the most wondrous things about Berlin and so it felt a little surreal when I finally landed on a hot summer morning and met the other fellows.

Below is a summary of highlights and images from my experience….


NEWS - 12. October 2018   CITY - Kolkata ARTIST - Plastic Parvati

Azadi Records: “India Has An Eminem. It’s Just That Nobody’s F*cking Found Him”

“It’s pretty self-explanatory. Azadi, freedom. Freedom for everyone. Freedom for us, freedom for the artists” says Mo regarding the name of one of India’s freshest independent labels, ‘Azadi Records’.


NEWS - 03. May 2018   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Prabh Deep

What’s Holding Back Live Music In Kolkata?

cBacardi-NH7-Weekender,-Kolkata-2015_Photo-by-Naman-Saraiya-(6-of-17)Bacardi NH7 Weekender Kolkata 2015 – image credit: Naman Saraiya

In a country as populated as India, a niche is quantifiably a mass – and if you’re not reaching out to them, you’re missing out. Especially as an artist. Tall claims to make, but fair to apply when it comes to the context of our little alternative music scene here. While certain places around the country are bubbling, some which held promise earlier, are slow to pick up the pace. One such example is my hometown, Kolkata.


NEWS - 03. November 2016   CITY - Kolkata

Border Movement Lounges in Delhi & Kolkata


The spotlight is poised over our eastern neighbours in Bangladesh for India’s second edition of the Border Movement Lounge, set to take place take place tonight and tomorrow at Delhi and Kolkata respectively.

Headlining both events is talented Dhaka based electronic producer – Som Saha a.k.a. Space/Ghost. He’ll be playing alongside some top-notch homegrown electronic artists, more information for which you can find here.


NEWS - 29. October 2014   CITY - Kolkata

Ambiance De Danse Comes Alive


Last month, The Goethe Institut hosted a very special gig at the Max Mueller Bhavan Auditorium in Kolkata. The gig was an ambitious vision realized by Amyt Datta and Jivraj Singh, both leading lights in the Kolkata music scene. Ambiance de Danse is an experimental music project conceived by Datta which was then expanded with the help of Singh but its intensity and unconventional approach made it seem quite unsuitable for a live performance; the gig at Max Muller Bhavan in late April changed all that.


NEWS - 12. June 2014   CITY - Kolkata ARTIST - Jivraj Singh