Conflict Left No One Behind: Mir Gazzanfar


Kab tak ghutey humara dum
Kab tak palkein rahenge num
Abhi bhi kaanon main ghoonjey
Selaab kaa jo shor tha
Ek Qehar kya kam tha
Jo ab intezaar hai ik aur ka…


NEWS - 29. June 2017   ARTIST - essXaar

These People Deserve To Be Heard. The World Needs To Know Them: Zubair Magray


“If war occurs for a short period of time, it’s a tragedy. If it continues over and over again, it turns into your reality. It’s what defines you, what gives meaning to your life. Over the years, Kashmiris have witnessed so much tragedy that they are becoming a part of it. Here, arrests, disappearances, torture, encounter and protests are all a common occurrence. And, they affect your economy, your education, and your way of life. Everyone wants Kashmir but no one is willing to go there. No one wants to live there,” says Zubair Magray, a rap artiste from Kashmir. Under his moniker Haze Kay, the musician has been instrumental in crafting socially-conscious narratives within the contemporary rap spectrum brewing in Kashmir.


NEWS - 13. June 2017   ARTIST - Haze Kay