Bursting The Bubble Of Electronic Music in India: A Discussion

Image credit: Evolve Stills and Motion – Jamblu, REProduce Chhattarpur, October 2017 


Speaking casually to a number of people in the Indian music industry, that’s the unified response I get when I ask why electronic music cannot seem to leave the main tier 1 cities (Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore). Interviewing several others, I repeat the question: how can electronic music spread beyond the congested spaces of major metropolises. The answer again is unanimous: “venues”.


NEWS - 20. July 2018  

Hyderabad On The Beat


While the electronic music circuit in Hyderabad may not be big, it certainly doesn’t lack talent and quality. The city is one of the top destinations for many international DJs and producers touring India where they receive a lot of appreciation from music enthusiasts. However, the city also appreciates and supports local talent.


NEWS - 28. September 2017  

Dakta Dub Talks About His Journey Building Sound Systems, Working With Local Communities & His Love For Reggae


It’s a cloudy day and the Hyderabad University Campus with its lush green surroundings looks idyllic for an evening stroll. Bala Subramanyam Swayampakula aka Dakta Dub is heading for his weekly radio session ‘Musical Journey with Balu’ at Bol Hyderabad 90.4 fm, the local campus community radio. A weekly show that features music ranging from dub, reggae, Indian electronica, world music and more.


NEWS - 27. July 2017   ARTIST - Dakta Dub

The Burgeoning Electronic Music & The City Of Pearls

The crowd at RESET Hyderabad - Photo Credit - Ashish ParmarRESET by Ashish Parmar

It may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of electronic music in India but Hyderabad shows a lot of promise in becoming the country’s next hub.

A stunning city, with a rich mix of history, architecture and IT industry, Hyderabad turned out to be more than just old world charm and new-age technology when I heard about an electronic dance music event called Reset that was taking place in the outskirts. I quickly discovered that the city has a live and kicking electronic music scene which has been growing over the last 6 years.


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