Beyond Borders: Pawas & Chymera

Pawas-Gupta-credit-Gokul-Rao-KadamPawas Gupta

An idea, an initiative, sometimes serious and sometimes fun. These are words I find most apt to describe the recently concluded second edition of the “Intelligent Dance Music” workshop hosted by the Bangalore Goethe Institut at Max Muller Bhavan. The brainchild of veteran Indian DJ and producer, Pawas Gupta association with Indivibe, it was a step in the right direction. This was the second edition of the workshop featuring Brendan Gregoriy who is known around the world for his brand of melodic, sophisticated house and techno under the alias ‘Chymera’.


NEWS - 14. July 2015   CITY - Bangalore

New Beginnings: Consolidate


Bangalore has always been a breeding ground for nascent concepts and ideas. The city, blessed with its fair share of accomplished musicians and exciting new talent is widely recognised as one of India’s most exciting musical hubs. Embracing the out-of-the-ordinary has long been a feature of this city’s music-loving aficionados. A bevy of such concepts find wings to take flight in namma Bengaluru, and one such concept is ‘Consolidate’, a community where fringe electronica thrives.


NEWS - 16. April 2015   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - RHL

An Exchange With Monsoonsiren


It’s war out there, in the clubs, the house parties. If your nights out are punctuated by weeks spent in, it’s likely that you suffer from the delusion that THIS night, will be a good one. Once you decide to brave the small-talk and give yourself up to the greater cause of dance, nothing matters.


NEWS - 15. October 2014   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Monsoonsiren

Until We Last Release Debut EP ‘Earthgazing’


A few years ago, in conversation with drummer Steve Turncrantz (of Russian Circles fame), I learnt the futility of the term post-rock. Maybe the genre, baptized arguably by American explorers Slint circa the early 90s, had cast its last legion of influencers— you know kids with oversized hoodies and torn jeans, all flipping off the mainstream and swearing by their ‘cumulative timbres’ and ‘cinematic flourish’.


NEWS - 16. August 2014   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Until We Last

I choose music as my form of expression: Masta Justy


Floating amidst textured layers, musician Jatin Vidyarthi a.k.a Masta Justy’s sounds are interlaced with elements of surrealistic sensibilities. As an artiste, he claims to have set forth on a journey towards the vast spectrum of sonority in order to explore the intersection of sound, rhythm and atmosphere with mood. Although his soundscape thrives on the playful merge of sci-fi, funky and experimental cadences, the dramaturgy of his music unravels vignettes of orchestral tones with a subtle hint of cinematic drama.


NEWS - 23. June 2014   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Masta Justy

Achieving solitude amidst chaos…


Although art in any form tends to open up a whole new dimension of escapism, it does manage to instill a sense of hope in mankind. Personally as an artiste, I wouldn’t mind indulging in the escapism to go away into a world of my own to discover or create something that is truly unique. That way, when people do connect with it, it might bring them some hope of a different possibility. The process of experiencing art itself is a break from any normal thought pattern.


NEWS - 20. May 2014   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Klypp

Bangalore Nightlife: On The Brink Of Transformation…


Reflecting a diverse and expanding cultural milieu, Bangalore’s identity is a manifestation of centuries of artistic progression. In the quest of interpreting every nuance of emotion and expression into an art form, it has gradually strengthened the core of its artistic identity over the years. After all, in a city where the pleasant drone of a tanpura can co-exist in harmony with hammering riffs, distorted bass lines and acid synths; it is no wonder that music has always been interwoven with its soul.


NEWS - 10. April 2014   CITY - Bangalore

Bangalore based Sulk Station collaborate with Hamburg based Skyence

Hamburg based producer Skyence has recently joined forces with Bangalore based Tanvi Rao, also the vocalist for one of the India’s most exciting electronic acts, Sulk Station.

Comprised of 4 tracks and titled  `Stuck In Time´(also the name of the title track featuring Tanvi), his latest EP floats “through a variety of spheres within the Skyence universe”, taking in influence from visionary producers such as Nosaj Thing and Amon Tobin.

You can stream the entire Skyence EP, alongside a host of his other tracks over on his SoundCloud here and hear the collaboration with Tanvi Rao below:


NEWS - 19. July 2012   CITY - Hamburg ARTIST - Sulk Station

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