Bringing New Culture To Afghanistan

Sound Central Festival 2012 teams up with Future Cinema, to bring Asian Dub Foundation to Kabul.

This September with 5 days of pre-festival sideshows and 2 days of workshops between international and local musicians Sound Central Music Festival 2012 is joining forces with Future Cinema to stage the second ever music and film festival in Kabul, Afghanistan.

For those who may not have heard of them, Future Cinema are the creators of Secret Cinema, Future Shorts, The Other Cinema, Secret Screenings and Secret Restaurant. They create large-scale cinematic experiences, fusing feature film with music, theatre and live performance.

Together they will be screening the groundbreaking feature ‘La Haine’ featuring a live score by Asian Dub Foundation. The performance will open this year’s edition of Sound Central Festival, the only festival of its kind in Afghanistan, running from 26-28 September 2012.

Earlier this year, The Other Cinema screened Mathieu Kassovitz’ La Haine as an inspired response to the London riots. Having already screened in London, Paris and Oxfordshire (UK) at The Wilderness Festival with a live soundtrack provided by the Asian Dub Foundation, Future Cinema is taking this production of La Haine to new heights in Kabul.

Initiated by Travis Beard and developed by non-partisan and not-for-profit organisations, Sound Central Festival’s emphasis is to encourage the emergence of Kabul’s local arts scene.

“In 2011 we hosted the first alternative music festival in Afghanistan’s history. This year Sound Central Festival is back again with a larger arsenal that includes Asian Dub Foundation and their stage act; La Haine. After partnering with Future Cinema last year, sound

Central Festival has been designing a new program for this year’s festival that will include cinema and other performing arts. Its bound to expand the visual consciousness of the Afghan crowd and inspire them to create their own visual arts scene.”- Travis Beard. Founder of Sound Central Music Festival,

“We believe that culture should be accessible to all. La Haine is a beautifully provocative and raw film and future cinema looks forward to partnering with Sound Central Music Festival in Kabul; a most inspired city rich with talented artists and musicians.” – Fabien Riggall. Founder and creative director of Future Cinema

La Haine in Kabul, May 2012

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NEWS - 27. August 2012   CITY - Kabul

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