Border Movement Lounge Colombo Opening: Review

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Last Friday night, just minutes before the Goethe Institute Colombo opened its gates to the Border Movement crowd, the monsoon took a short evening break as if perfectly on cue. The depression over the Bay of Bengal held its downpour for a few hours to let the music play. Sunara’s varied set was the soundtrack as the intimate courtyard quickly filled up.

The brightly clad local electronic music scene and stream of Germans and other Colombo-based expats were taken in by Ravi B ‘s deep house grooves before Asvajit’s more tech-house oriented set transformed the vibe so much that guests wondered if they had been transported into a Berlin-style celler rave from the 1990s.

When the music stopped at 11pm the Border Movement’s advocates moved on into the most commonly heard question was ‘ When’s the next party?? When will the Border Movement Lounge open it’s gates next? ‘ With new impetus from the Border Movement lounge, Colombo’s clubbers and music lovers wait in anticipation for Border Movement’s Pettah Interchange Marketplace party in August.

Watch this space to make sure don’t miss what will be Colombo’s electronic music highlight of the summer.

NEWS - 05. June 2013   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Asvajit

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  1. […] Let’s come back to our original point: techno idealism aside, there seem to be practical constraints at work here. Talking to couple of the idea-men behind the game-changing parties of the past, Sri Lanka seems to lack the demographics to attract crowds for low-key gigs that strictly champion music. That is, unless they are marketed as something more, or hustled hard through the right social media channels as a combination of good music, über-art and free spirits, or held in Unawatuna (a popular beach town) so that girls would attend (but with no techno played so that said girls would not disperse). Perhaps these men too are stuck with the chicken-and-egg: without the crowds, the music is a lost cause. So for now, the best that seem possible is to try strike that uneasy balance between authenticity and practicality — and Border Movement seem to have come the closest so far. Yet you cannot help but feel their major events are too far apart in the calendar to make a prolonged impact. These are hardly disparaging words (but rather, hopeful ones), as Tuned Mass recognizes the bona fide impact Goethe Institute and BM have so far had on the scene. Moreover, there have been answers, too. […]