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Vice Versa

Bangalore-based music producer Manas Ullas and Mumbai-based musician P-Man aka Rohit Pereira came together to embark on their musical venture ViceVersa. This journey is also about finding new sounds and along the way a lotta jugglery of beats and pauses, highs and lows, words and silences; straight up or ViceVersa!
ViceVersa, was conceived as a live electronica outfit drawing influences from a range of genres, from Dubstep, DnB, Rock n’ Roll to Hip Hop and Breakbeat.
With amalgamation of different experimental sounds, the duo has already managed to compose 9 tracks collaborating with some of the India’s best independent musicians such as Sidd Coutto, Sidharth Basrur and Shalmali Kholgade. Their self-titled album is set for a winter 2011 release.

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