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CITY // New Delhi/ India

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Teddy Boy Kill

Teddy Boy Kill is a self confessed technologic “beat punk” consisting of Ashhar Farooqui, Samrat Bee, and recently added drummer Akshat Nauriyal. Otherwise known as Toymob, Audio Pervert and Tahska.

Forget everything you know about Indian electronica. “Rising out of the usual clutter and clam of electronic music in India”, Teddy Boy Kill has forced itself to develop an edgy, moody and distinctly solid sound. An electronic-based rock/techno/electro band from New Delhi, Teddy Boy Kill make a mark with their raucous live shows and high-energy music that draws comparisons to !!!, LCD Soundsystem, Justice, Walls and even Massive Attack at times. Yup, I said it.

Their music pulls towards many conflicting and opposing genres with an industrial sound that is seamlessly and disjointedly interwoven with confrontational lyrics. There is a profound quality about this partnership (especially when watching live) that gives their music a very distinctive heart and depth. Proud to be independent of any record label and giving away all their music for free via their soundcloud, Teddy Boy Kill have released one full length LP in the shape of The Exit Plan and numerous singles to date.