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LABEL // Friends Of Friends, Bpitch Control

CITY // Berlin

RELATED PROJECT // Perera Elsewhere, Jahcoozi

// Sasha Perera

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Sasha Perera

Proper music junkie, Perera Elsewhere and Jahcoozi front-woman extraordinare,
Sasha Perera got hands on a bunch of pirated cassete tapes as a kid in London and has been obsessed with collecting music ever since. The jams may have evolved over the
years but the addiction has never waned.

Her DJ sets reflect her own musical instincts, encompassing everything from future
bass, 2step/garage, post-dubstep, deep techno &house, ragga, wonky footwerk,
IDM. She takes on a range of musical escapades into syncopation, rich sound
textures and basslines.

As with Jahcoozi’s live shows, Mother Perera’s DJ sets are diverse, fresh and
honest. With an organic and a personlised touch, she gathers her tribe of sound
disciples and club kids under her wing and takes them on a journey they’ll never

“itchyfeetsyndome, dungeon skank, polyrhythmic pygmy house,
8-clit cerebral bass, banging dolphin techno, sub-saharan sandcore,
3-legged donkey step”



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