// Misc

LABEL // Festplatten / Dumb Unit / mdz

CITY // Berlin - Germany

RELATED PROJECT // Raumagent Alpha / Transistors Of Mercy / dRONe / Ron&His 1541 / 19-Zoll Stammtisch

// Ron Schneider

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Ron Schneider

Ron Schneider is a self taught artist exploring the correlation between
sound and technology. Based in Berlin works as a music producer, sound
technician, musician and engineer modifying or building custom
electronic instruments. Currently most active projects include his alter
ego “Raumagent Alpha”, a dancefloor orientated techno solo project, the
realtime improvisation band “Transistors Of Mercy”, the industrial
ambient live program “dRONe”, “19-Zoll Stammtisch”, a regular social
meeting of experimental electronic musicians and synthesizer nerds, and
being part of the sound staff at “Stattbad Wedding”, an art and event
space at an abandoned public swimming pool.

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