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LABEL // Pulse, Akaliko Records

CITY // Dhaka/ Bangladesh

RELATED PROJECT // Infinity, Dhaka Electronica Scene

// Rizzi

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Producer/ DJ

Rizzi is a trance powerhouse for the dance floor, for an mega arena, for a long drive, and sometimes for outer space. Beautiful lush melodies, addictive synth pads and strings will immerse you in a complete and blissful state of trance. The hair raising trademark “Stellar Lounge” mixes are spacey, obsessively plush, and guaranteed to haunt. The other side of Rizzi is a benchmark for contemporary trance sounds – clean, pounding beats; classy tunes; tight, thick, even phat bass that constantly hammer the subsonic: all impeccably mixed – with his signature big sound and luscious, ultra sexy gliding lead. With compelling original melodies that never quite leave the head and top-drawer mixing, Rizzi’s music is sure to book a spot on any chart, anywhere.

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