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LABEL // Air Snare Records

CITY // Mumbai/ India


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Reji Ravindran (a.k.a rayG) has a musical experience which has spanned for nearly 15 years now. Born in Mumbai, Reji was bitten by the music bug during the mid-90s. After collecting loads of music cassettes, CDs & vinyl in his youth, in 1998 he decided to give DJing a shot by learning from veteran DJ, Jo Azaredo. Since that year, there has been no stopping for this multifaceted wizard as Reji is currently one of the most prolific names in Mumbai’s booming alternative & electronic music scene.

rayG is an alternative side project (read alter ego) of Reji Ravindran. Under this moniker he is known for dishing out a whole different spectrum of music where he fuses his turntablism skills with eclectic beats & breaks (irrespective to tempos, genres & styles).

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