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Oblique is the live visuals project of Sourya Sen. He brings his past and constantly growing experiences in video editing, motion graphics and visual content creation to screens and LEDs using projection mapping, and light and interactive installations.

As a part of his visual run, Oblique visited Sri Lanka upon being selected as part of the South Asian Visual Collective by the legendary Pfadfinderei to participate in the Video Lab workshop and work towards the Pettah Interchange 2014 party in Colombo.

He has also worked exclusively with Your Chin and Sickflip for their live gigs, besides other gigs such as Pepsi MTV Indies’ Ribbit, Control Alt Del and Re: Act. He is also slated to conjure up some visual magic at major festivals across India this year.

With his experience with custom content production and ideas to take them live with rigs and mappings Oblique is rising in repute every passing day.

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