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Nicholson is a singer-songwriter & keyboardist based out of Mumbai who is heavily influenced by jazz, folk and electronic music. His original compositions are a blend of electronic and organic sounds and are a direct reflection of his outlook on life & love.

Nicholson grew up playing piano in Pune and later honed his skills at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada where he studied jazz piano for four years. After spending the next three years in the UK, he returned to India in 2013 to pursue his passion for songwriting. In Mumbai he met with musicians at the Cotton Press Studio – where he eventually wrote and recorded his EP ‘For What’, which released at the National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai.

Nicholson’s ensemble is straying away from the traditional ‘band setup’. He aims to create sound sculptures by treating machines as instruments in a very emotive, organic manner. This is an exciting new wave of music, which is focused on achieving the highest levels of production quality in-studio and live on-stage. This approach aims to bridge the gap for electronic music lovers as well as organic music lovers.

The Live show consists of Nicholson on synth/ keys and vocals, electronic duo Dirty Jays on synths, live looping, soundscapes, guitar and bass; and Drummer Rohan Ramanna who also produced the EP.