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LABEL // Philpot, Clone, 4lux

CITY // Berlin / Germany

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Arttu Snellman is Lump. As a teenager in the late eighties Arttu was struck by the new electronic sounds coming out of the US and UK. While in school during the mid nineties Arttu started to amass obscure synths and eventually built up a small studio. Ambient soundscapes and lo-fi grooves started to emerge. In 1998 he moved to London and became a freelance animator, never forgetting his music productions. His first record as Lump was released in early 2002 on Cologne’s Sub Static label.

After 10 years of London, and some time in sunny Lisbon, Portugal, Arttu has now settled in Berlin, where he spends his days producing and remixing music in his studio. Old hissy analogue gear is the foundation of Arttu’s sound – sound that is warm, soulful and fat with a sprinkle of funk on top.

As a DJ Arttu still plays only vinyl, mixing old school classics with the latest exciting house, techno and disco records.

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