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CITY // Kolkata/ India

RELATED PROJECT // PINKNOISE, Skinny Alley, Amyt Datta, Man Vs Midi, Gandu Circus, Lall Qil'ah

// Jivraj Singh

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Jivraj Singh

Drummer and beat poet.
Jivraj Singh is a rising drummer in the Indian music community. Jivraj plays drums and percussion for the popular Indian bands Skinny Alley and PINKNOISE alongside his parents Jayashree and Gyan Singh, and the legendary guitarist Amyt Dutta. Jivraj thinks like an architect and plays like a producer whether on the drum kit or percussion, electro-mechanical machines, objects or any other hybrid setup. He likes to sound unmistakably like himself.
He is rapidly becoming the go-to-guy for futuristic collaborations. In keeping with his irreverent approach to music, his sound is a sweet and toxic mix of geometry, factories, bees, dark humour and Africa.
Jivraj thinks like an architect and plays like a producer. Whether he’s playing a drum set, percussion, electro-mechanical machines, objects, software or any other hybrid setup, Jivraj sounds unmistakably like himself.

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