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CITY // Mumbai/ India

RELATED PROJECT // Slow Down Clown, Something Relevant

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Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic’s unique sound is inspired by encounters with strange and fascinating people. A cross-genre mix of electronic sounds, glitchy samples and familiar noise, Fuzzy Logic is a collaborative venture seeking to make electronic music more live and more personal. Arfaaz or ‘Fuzz’ began his musical adventure at the tender age of three, when gripped by an overwhelming urge to determine the mysterious source of music emanating from his father’s wall cabinet, a tremendous fall, (cushioned only by the thick tuft of fuzz on his head) rewired his neuro-impulses causing an undying love for music and a unique approach to sound that he likes to call Fuzzy Logic.

Having previously played for rock, funk and electronic outfits such as Galeej Gurus, Zebediah Plush and Tempo Tantrick, Fuzz currently performs with his alt rock band Slow Down Clown and his collaborative electro project Fuzzy Logic. He lives and works in Mumbai as a music producer composing music for film and television. Fuzzy Logic collaborates with saxophonist Ryan Sadri of Something Relevant. The sets are a spontaneous mix of groovy beats and bass, live sax licks and familiar samples.