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CITY // New Delhi( India

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Flash Hardcor

Super-villain Deejay Flash Hardcor first appeared after a tragic accident during which radioactive particles of undiluted funk overwhelmed WAMH FM, the college radio station where he hosted a weekly hip-hop spectacular. The only survivor of the accident, Flash Hardcor sought his revenge by forcing hips to shake via a mind control system comprised of soul, electro, baile funk, fuzzy synths, kuduro, gun shot samples, steel drums, and his proprietary and dangerous ‘Bollymore Guli Music’ hybrid. Flash has unleashed this funky bass gun on three continents over the course of the past decade, indirectly contributing to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the founding of the American Civil Rights Movement, and India’s 2011 cricket World Cup triumph. Having recently fled Bombay due the machinations of the evil Dr. Visa, Flash now resides in his luxurious South Delhi lair, along with his trusty sidekick, Abhishek Yoor Bhatt. By day, he masquerades as an unassuming campaigner against climate change. By night, he dons his red jumpsuit in an unending war against the forces of chastity and sobriety.

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