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aswekeepsearching has been turning heads and perking up ears over the world for a while now, spreading a message of positivity and good times in a way only they can, while keeping their feet planted firmly on the ground. Hailing from sunny Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the outfit comprises of vocalist/guitarist Uddipan Sarmah, guitarist/keyboardist Shubham Gurung, bassist Bob Alex and drummer Gautam Deb. The band has recently released their album KHWAAB and toured RUSSIA promoting the same.

The debut album ‘Khwaab’ from Gujarat based four-piece aswekeepsearching is a sparkling piece of melody meets groove euphoria. Stylistically the heir and ancestor to last year’s ‘Growing suspicions EP’, Khwaab is a different approach to that otherwise festive “debut record”. Whereas ‘Growing Suspicions’ partially defied its hype in being more experimental than straight up post-rock, and at times even more focussed towards a niche sound, ‘Khwaab’ can be discordant and more mainstream in nature.

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