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Apocalypse Meow

A·poc·a·lypse: n. A prophetic disclosure; a revelation.

An electronic music project still in its nascent stage, Apocalypse Meow is the brainchild of a collaboration between a video game designer and a singer/songwriter. Left to their imaginations with an adequate supply of computer RAM and a sole desire to create, electronic music has only been a tiny piece of their creative output. Pushing forward many years of stimulating psychedelia, Apocalypse Meow starts off where acts like Pink Floyd, Air, Burial, Future Sound of London, Grizzly Bear, NIN, Frank Zappa, Massive Attack, Sigur Ros and Radiohead left off.

Current line up
Aalap Davjekar – Singer/songwriter , Arrangements
Angad Singh – Bass/Arrangements
Saurabh Babbar – Guitar

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