Announcing The Third Successful Candidate For BMR: Berlin 2016


We are thrilled to announce that Iranian musician and composer Ghazaleh E will be the third artist to participate in the bespoke Berlin based residency program.

The BMR jury (comprised of Border Movement, Goethe-Institut, Ableton, Wild City and the Gebrüder Teichmann) went through so many high quality applications from the open calls for BMR 1 and 2 that for the third round the panel decided to re-visit the strongest candidates. Applications were received from countries including India, Iran, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Here’s what Ghazaleh E had to say about being selected:

As an Iranian girl, I’m kind of used to things not going to work out in the end! No matter how good, or how qualified I am, just the fact that I’m a girl who lives in Iran and at the same time is a non-mainstream musician, is enough for things not to work out!

As I was filling out the forms, I had the feeling, this is something I could finally relate to, but this time, it was like I’ve finally found something, in which I could show the genuine person that I am, without any exaggeration, without pretending that I’m someone other than my real self. 

I expect this to be an opportunity for me to make use of my whole capabilities and creativity, to experience and perform something amazing, which is gonna be a valuable cultural exchange and a unique exotic journey for me and whoever participates in this, including those who are going to hear my music…

We’ll be sharing more information about Ghazeleh E soon, in the meantime check out some of her sounds in the videos below:

NEWS - 17. August 2016  

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