Achieving solitude amidst chaos…


Although art in any form tends to open up a whole new dimension of escapism, it does manage to instill a sense of hope in mankind. Personally as an artiste, I wouldn’t mind indulging in the escapism to go away into a world of my own to discover or create something that is truly unique. That way, when people do connect with it, it might bring them some hope of a different possibility. The process of experiencing art itself is a break from any normal thought pattern.

Therefore, it can help in communicating ideas and experiences that can eventually bring about change in our collective consciousness,” said Bangalore-based producer Faheemul Hasan a.k.a Avilente who is also one half of the electronica project Klypp. Formed in 2013 with Karthik Basker, vocalist and frontman of the now-defunct psychedelic alternative rock band The Bicycle Days, Klypp is a journey towards the alternate universe of twisted melodies and melancholic tones that ultimately pave way for an unabashedly sleek soundscape.

With Bangalore going through changes of epic proportions in the past five years with respect to innovation and experimentation in music, artistes are now willing to explore unconventional sounds that can metamorphosise into a dense yet impenetrable musical space. And, Klypp is an endeavour in that direction. The project is an accomodative interaction of two identities finding their own space within the existential paradigm. Though their individual styles emanate within their compositions, it is the harmony in their collective effort that makes every tempo worth swinging to. Weaving every nuance of expression with poetry and rich tones, the duo attempt to achieve solitude amidst chaos in their music.

With their debut four track-EP Manifest, that released in April last year, Klypp has mastered the technique of merging the washed out sounds of lo-fi electronica with ambient tunes while adopting a sepulchral approach to crafting melodies. The marriage of up-tempo synth samples with a minimalistic structure and processed vocals transport every listener to a realm of undiscovered sonorous territory. As the fluidity in their harmonies picked pace, the musicians managed to unravel mysterious soundscapes underneath the intricate symphonic layers. Although the album is heavily laden with elements of glitch, analog drum machine sounds and roaring rhythmic progressions, the rather bold juxtaposition of contemplative calm and exploding sounds in the tracks add new dimensions to the musicality. Characterised by an ‘alternative-chill’ vibe, the entire album is a journey into the unknown.

It has been around three or four months since Klypp’s conception and our interaction has mostly been restricted to the studio. We have been gigging actively for a month or so and as of today we’ve played three shows. Playing live is a different ball game altogether in comparison with writing in the studio. Our interactions and experiences in this short time have affected us and our evolution as artistes. A stark realisation being most of the people who land up for your show want to have a good time and it’s all about the balance we strike while playing live without having to worry too much about our identity being misrepresented. Having said that, most artistes we love have constantly broken their pre-existing identities and still managed to release incredible music. So, it is safe to say that we are open to effortless change,” said the duo.

How has music helped in shaping each of these artistes’ individuality today? Listening to certain albums growing up helped Karthik develop a sense of identity and channel his angst at one point. He listens to ‘chill music’ now as it suits his current state of mind. “Sure, music can be used as a catalyst for emotion, expression and you might even find people who connect with you but most of those things happen along the way. Once you release your music, it is out and it’s time to move on as far as I’m concerned,” said Basker.

According to Faheemul and Karthik, the days of the grassroot indie/electronica scene struggling is slowly but surely coming to an end. With more magazines, TV channels, festivals and venues interested in associating with independent artistes, they not only feel that it is an encouraging gesture but are also hoping to find a wider audience via these platforms. Moreover, the quality of production and packaging of music is getting better with time which is important especially if the sounds being composed are purely avantgarde. “There are many brilliant artistes expressing their individual philosophies in their music and it shows clearly if you are looking for it.

Most artistes these days make their identities and intentions pretty clear and as an audience, as humans beings, we have a spectrum of emotions that require catering to. We have developed quite a liking to many of the releases we have heard of late. Some of them include a few productions by SnowShoe and Snakeism by Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets. Also, F16’s are doing some incredibly interesting electro rock,” said the artistes.

Undoubtedly, Klypp’s experiment with unchartered sonic realms will perhaps yield a sound rich in tonality and dramatic undertones, but it is their heartfelt responsibility towards keeping an open mind whilst exploring their distinctive musical sensibilities that will help carve a niche for themselves in the music industry. “Music is another form of art which can also be spiritual. Personally, we feel we have achieved something every time we see an idea through in the best possible way. With respect to our work, we plan to release a music video very soon. We are also playing at High Spirits (Pune) on May 25 and at The Humming Tree (Bangalore) in June. There might also be a possibility of sneaking in another EP later this year,” said the musicians.

written by Akshatha Shetty

NEWS - 20. May 2014   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Klypp

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